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    Project Description

    Theuniskraal Wine Estate


    Theuniskraal needed someone to manage and update their previously created WordPress website and their Social Media, so they contacted us to help them out.

    The Theuniskraal website needed regular content updates as well as some cosmetic fixes and a more active Social Media profile.

    • Website Maintenance &  Updates

    • Managing Social Media Accounts

    • Consulting Services & Advice

    Deliverables & Outcome

    • We took over the maintenance of the Theuniskraal WordPress website and immediately made backups and installed various Plugins to ensure safety, security and integrity
    • Numerous content updates were also required and we continue to provide all site updates in a very timely fashion
    • We are coordinating Social Media across all channels using client generated content
    • We are providing advice and guidance on website design and Social Media best practice